Training at Woolacombe Bay

We are really passionate about making sure our customers get to make the most of enjoying their precious quality family time together. And that all starts making sure we’ve got the right team who are confident and fully trained to ensure our guests’ holiday is smooth, smashing and of course safe.

So that starts with you. We’ll make sure that before you meet our guests you’ll get a full induction to the company and what’s expected of you. But it doesn’t end there, throughout your employment you’ll get on the job training, coaching and the opportunity to attend appropriate training courses.

That’s because the success of our business and the experience of our customers is all about our teams. We invest in our facilities and accommodation all the time so they’re the very best, but it’s the service that matters – after their holiday our guests won’t remember the colour of the carpet but they’ll remember someone who made their day and made them smile.

It’s all designed to ensure that you’ve not only got a rewarding job but a dazzling career.